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As we age our need for routine dental, vision, and hearing care continues to grow! Many people are surprised to find that these services are not covered by Original Medicare although it has been proven that untreated dental, vision, and hearing problems can eventually affect both an individuals physical and mental well being.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation hearing problems have been reported by nearly half of Medicare beneficiaries (44%) while a little more than a third (35%) reported vision issues. (Dental, Hearing, and Vision Costs and Coverage Among Medicare Beneficiaries in Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage, Kaiser Family Foundation, 2021 09 21) 

Things like hearing aids and dental implants are necessary but can be expensive for the average person and that is why at times it makes sense to consider individual dental, vision, or hearing coverage through a private health insurance company. These policies can help make your care more affordable while outlining up front what these costs could look like in regards to deductibles, copays and premiums.

Dental, Vision, & Hearing

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